Solar LED Camping Light
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Solar LED Camping Light

  • ES-L01/L01(SE) Solar LED Camping Light
    1. Two LED Lights, Three Lighting Modes & 13 Light Effects.
    2. Two Charging Modes: Cable Charging and Solar Charging.
    3. Multiple Interfaces:USB-A Output, USB-B/TYPE-C Input.
    4. Leverage Up To 16W of LED Light Power.
    5. Two Battery Capacity Versions: 3000mAh and 6000mAh.
    6. Extra Durable Battery Life: Working Time up to 30 hours.
    7. Robust and Resistant: IP66 Waterproof and Drop-Proof/ Dustproof.
    8. Magnetic Suction & Lanyard Hanging Design for Wide.
    9. The product comes standard with lanyard, TYPE-C charging cable, and optional items:black waterproof bag, 2 magnetic iron sheets, black metal buckle.