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Star Series Set - Sound、Light、Power & Hiking

▪ This is a comprehensive solution designed for outdoor travelers, including solar charger, solar power bank, solar LED camping light and solar Bluetooth speaker. Accessories include: lanyard (camping light & Bluetooth speaker) *2, carabiner (charger & power bank) *2, charging cable (USB-A TO TYPE-C) *1.
 ▪ The name of the set "Sound、Light、Power& Hiking represents the 3 elements in the set: sound, light and power. These elements allow you to have a more comprehensive experience in outdoor travel. Hiking represents the spirit and philosophy of outdoor travel. We hope that the outdoor camping star series set can provide comprehensive support and protection for outdoor travelers and help you enjoy the fun of outdoor travel better. Whether you are camping, hiking or other outdoor activities, the outdoor camping star series set is a great choice for you.

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