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ES520H-Hand Warmer Magnetic Wireless Charger

1. Appearance patent product, small and exquisite design.
2. Utility model patented product, protruding design, reducing the thickness of the product at the same time, but also reduces the distance between the wireless charger and the phone to improve the charging efficiency (if with the special cell phone protective cover provided by our company, it can greatly increase the solidity of the product magnetic suction, but also improve the charging efficiency)
3. Strong magnetic adsorption, shaking does not fall and does not leave traces
4. Magnetic wireless charging function, wireless charging to get rid of the charging line trouble 
5. Compact and lightweight, long into the pocket, smaller, lighter, thinner, go out with no burden 
6. Adopt the latest intelligent charging and discharging management chip, the efficiency of up to 90% Large-capacity polymer aluminum batteries, ultra-long battery life to meet the day's charging demand for charging the travel 
7. Travel companion, you can take on the plane, travel around the world!
8. Increase the hand warmer function, the temperature of three adjustable, easy to carry around, in the cold winter at any time and anywhere to bring you warmth!