Eshine Makes Appearance at Shenzhen Gift Fair

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SHENZHEN ESHINE INTERACTION TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD led the industry trend once again at the latest Shenzhen Gift Fair. The company showcased a series of environmentally friendly and energy-saving solar products with an outdoor sports theme, aiming to provide consumers with a better experience.

Products such as the Solar Magnetic Atmosphere Light Bluetooth Speaker, starry sky series set - starlight electricity & hiking and the unique energy storage power supply with security features have become highlights of the exhibition.

The Solar Magnetic Atmosphere Light Bluetooth Speaker is a new intelligent speaker product launched by the company according to current market demand. The product uses solar energy for charging, LED light design and magnetic properties to meet different ambient needs while also having high-fidelity sound quality for better audio experiences.

The starry sky series set - starlight electricity & hiking is a complete solution designed by the company specifically for outdoor enthusiasts. The set includes multiple necessary equipment such as portable solar chargers, solar mobile power supplies, solar LED camping lights, and solar-powered Bluetooth speakers. The outdoor camping starry sky series set is expected to provide comprehensive support and protection for outdoor travelers to better enjoy their journey.

Finally, the exclusive energy storage power supply with security features provides consumers with a more secure and reliable source of power. The product has both solar and plug charging modes, intelligent charging and discharging controls, multi-channel output, and other characteristics, providing more efficient and safer charging experiences for customers.

At this Shenzhen Gift Fair event, Eshine perfectly combined innovative technology with environmental concepts. By working together with industry partners, they take continuing performance optimization and high quality as their responsibility, and inject new vitality into the market.

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